Havasupai Tribe


Havasupai Reservation

The Havasupai Reservation is below the Colorado River and just south of Grand Canyon National Park. It is northeast of Peach Springs, Arizona. With the creation of the National Park, the Tribe was confined to an area of only 518 acres. It has since been returned lands and the reservation now totals 188,077 acres.[i]


The Tribe’s on-reservation population is around 500 people.[ii]


Although the Tribe has not yet settled its water rights claims, it has been assigned a federal negotiating team.

Current Water Sources

The Tribe relies on well water to meet its domestic needs.

Havasupai Tribe Seal. Source tribaldirectory.com

Havasupai Tribe Seal. Source tribaldirectory.com


Tribally run enterprises account for the majority of reservation businesses, and much of the Tribe’s revenue is derived from various tourist attractions on the reservation. One of the largest draws is the gorgeous Havasu and Mooney waterfalls north of the main village. If visitors obtain a permit, they may hike from the Supai village to the falls and camp there. In addition to collecting revenue from these permits, the Tribe runs helicopter and horseback trips into the Grand Canyon,[iii] and operates a travel center in the town of Supai that boasts a café, post office, store, tribal craft shop, and museum.[iv]

Water Resources Issues

The Tribe seems to regularly protest development and mining operations that threaten its water supply and water quality.[v]

Desired Water Uses

Of crucial importance to the Tribe is protecting the natural features of Havasu Canyon. The canyon is famous for its blue water and spectacular waterfalls.

P.O. Box 10 Supai AZ, 86435
Phone: (928) 448-2731

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